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Lama Bank

Traditional and Digital Currencies All in One App. 

Lama Bank

Lama security framework follows international standards to provide a strong cybersecurity protection for you and your business.

Lama Bank

Lama uses institutional grade custody service technology through its partnership with Ledger, keeping your funds safe and secure.

Lama Bank

​Lama has officially been certified PCI DSS compliant, allowing us to deliver Visa cards to our users.

Lead Underwriter:

Barclay Capital Consult

Barclay Capital Consult is underwriting the Lama Bank Pre IPO. Lama Bank NV will be listing on the Euronext Stock Exchange in 2024. 

Lama is authorised as an eMoney Distributor of Modulr Finance B.V, which is authorised by De Nederlandsche Bank allowing users in EU to open Euro accounts.

This is your opportunity to purchase shares in the latest FinTech Challenger Bank at the Ground Floor Level. 

Download your free Lama Bank Investment Prospectus for further information below.

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Lama Bank

Download Your Lama Bank 
Investment Prospectus Free.

Lama Bank is scheduled to list on the Euronext NV in August 2024. Acquire shares NOW at the ground floor level.

Lama Visa Cards

Lama offers virtual and physical cards. Spend your crypto in any physical shop or online.

Lama Bank

Digital Currencies Earn Account

Get interest paid in your Lama digital currency earn account.

Lama Bank

Fast & Easy

Open a Lama account in less than 5 minutes, with crypto wallets and IBANs. Lama accounts provide wallets for BTC and other digital currencies alongside Euros and GBP.

Lama Bank
Lama Bank

Purchase Shares In LAMA BANK

Lama Bank Share Value €1.00 euro per share.

Lama Bank

Key Highlights

The Lama Mission and Product Features



The mission is to provide seamless, secure and personalized banking services that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Lama strives to deliver exceptional value through user- friendly digital platforms, a product portfolio, and a customer centric approach. Enabling financial empowerment and facilitating financial growth for individual and businesses alike. 

Innovative technology


Lama EU stands at the forefront of technological advancements in the banking industry. We leverage state-of-the- art digital infrastructure, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide advanced financial solutions, personalized recommendations, and intuitive user experiences.

Diverse products portfolio


Lama Bank offers a wide range of financial products and services tailored to the needs of our diverse customer base. From personalised banking solutions such as savings accounts, loans, and payment services, to business banking solutions including merchant services and cash management, Lama EU covers a comprehensive spectrum of financial needs.

Strategic partnerships


We have established strategic partnerships with leading technology providers, fintech companies, and financial institutions. These partnerships allow us to leverage their expertise, expand our service offerings, and enhance our competitive advantage in the market. Through collaborations, we strive to deliver innovative solutions and stay ahead of the industry trends.

Customer-Centric Approach


At Lama EU we put our customers at the centre of everything we do. We prioritise delivering exceptional customer experiences, ensuring ease of use, security, and ……transparency. Our customer centric-approach extends to personalised financial advice, responsive support channels , and continuous improvement based on customer feedback.

Strong Market Presence


Lama EU has experience rapid growth and gained significant market presence within a short span of time. We have successfully acquired a large and diverse customer base, attracting individuals and businesses seeking modern banking solutions that align with their digital lifestyles. Our strong market positions us as a formidable player in the neo banking landscape.

Lama Bank

Download the Lama app now and start to send, receive, exchange and invest your digital currency.

Lama Bank
Lama Bank
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